SERO 2.0 AlphaNet (codename Easter) has been launched on 2021.8.16 as promised.

Ⅰ. The test products released including
* Easter-Node full node program v0.1.0
* Easter-Wallet Light Wallet v0.1.0

For details, please refer to:

Ⅱ. In order to thank the SERO community members have been accompanied and supported, and also for the official version can be faster and better comprehensive release, we welcome those familiar with the SERO blockchain technology community leaders to join the Easter version of the community test group, with the technical team to create a new SERO process.

Test content: the basic features of the…

Since the release of SERO v1.0, after more than one year of R&D , SERO 2.0 has gradually surfaced. As with the case when SERO v1.0 was released, SERO 2.0 is expected to be officially launched in three stages:

The First Stage: AlphaNet (named Easter)

  • The internal test network serves as a large-scale basic test.
  • AlphaNet runs in parallel with SERO v1.0, no data sharing.
  • After the test is completed, the ledger will be reset.

The Second Stage: BetaNet (named Halloween)

  • The public beta network is used for large-scale dapp testing.
  • BetaNet runs in parallel with SERO 1.0 and shares some data.
  • After the test is completed, the ledger data is retained…

SERO Full Node Service Upgrade Announcement

The SERO node will complete the fork of SIP10 at the height of 5703394 (8:00 PM June 10th, 2021 Beijing Time)

👉 Please make sure to upgrade gero to v1.1.0 before June 8th as much as possible, otherwise the node will not be able to provide services normally after the fork.

Since SERO will exert its efforts in the global market, the foundation has decided to conduct compliance processing on the SERO decentralized light wallet POPUP.
1. The dapp marketplace of the latest version of the official POPUP Wallet will only retain the dapp related portal icons of the tool nature.
2. All other third-party ecological dapps with financial nature can only be accessed by entering the link address or scanning the QR code.
3. For the link address or QR code of the ecosystem dapp, please consult the relevant ecosystem community.

The latest version of Popup wallet download address (pure…

SERO has completed the cross-chain function of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through cooperation with EMIT Wallet.

The transfer between SERO <> eSERO(ERC20) and SERO <> bSERO(BEP20) has been implemented.

You can experience this feature through EMIT Wallet (v1.2.2) or EMIT Dapp in POPUP Wallet.

In addition, as of now, it can be found through the SRC20 Token Tracker that the CROSS node has locked more than 1.1 million USDT in cross-chain assets.

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The SERO Foundation refers to a non-profit legal entity named “SERO FINTECH FOUNDATION LTD.” registered in Singapore. The purpose of the foundation is to promote the development of the blockchain and the SERO blockchain. It is based on the development and construction of the SERO blockchain and the advocacy of transparency in community governance.

Since the official release of the SERO blockchain, as the SERO community has gradually grown, the nature of community has also undergone some changes. At the same time, the SERO protocol has gradually entered the process of global expansion and popularization. The basic operation style of…

SERO cross-chain via EMIT Wallet

The official version of EMIT Wallet has been officially launched.

You can find a suitable installation method at the following URL:

EMIT Wallet User Guide

Detailed instructions on how to use EMIT Wallet, which will help you learn to use EMIT Wallet quickly:

The official version supports SERO’s cross-chain function for Ethereum and Tron. The specifications are as follows:

1. The transfer function of USDT (ERC20) tokens on Ethereum to SERO chain (corresponding to EUSDT tokens on SERO chain)
2. Transfer function of USDT(TRC20) tokens on Tron to SERO chain (corresponding to TUSDT tokens on SERO chain)
3. Transfer function of WBTC assets on…

SERO Launches Cross-chain Function for Ethereum

The well-known privacy protection blockchain SERO based on non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (NIZK) and supporting Turing’s complete smart contract officially released the function of cross-chain transfer of assets from the SERO blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain on January 8, 2021.

SERO cross-chain technology, as the leading part of the SERO2.0 ecosystem, is introduced to the SERO community via cooperation with EMIT Wallet. This technology is based on aggregated signature and notary technology, and implements the cross-chain transfer of assets between the Ethereum and SERO blockchains. …

Super Zero Protocol (SERO) Decentralized Data Analysis

Here’s a brief on chain data from SERO blockchain, we’ll discuss some figures about Coral Swap, the privacy enabled AMM built on SERO, SEED, SEEDMIX and SUSD, world’s first privacy stable coin and more.

Recently, the blockchain payment project Mixpay and Super Zero Protocol (SERO) reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties have begun preliminary cooperation in the exchange of USDT and SUSD (SERO-based stable currency).

Mix Wallet is a digital financial payment tool launched by MIX FINTECH Financial Technology Group that integrates digital asset management, cryptocurrency exchange, lending, miner payment, integrated payment and other functions. It is headquartered in Singapore and the group is located in Silicon Valley, Switzerland, and China. With branches and a technical team of more than 300 people, Mix FINTECH has invested more than US$150 million in product research and development.

SERO is the world’s first blockchain that allows issuance of private assets. The main network was launched on July 15, 2019. SERO is a new generation of privacy blockchain that…

SERO Protocol

World’s first Zero-Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection platform for decentralised applications which supports smart contract and uses SuperZK protocol.

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