Since the release of SERO v1.0, after more than one year of R&D , SERO 2.0 has gradually surfaced. As with the case when SERO v1.0 was released, SERO 2.0 is expected to be officially launched in three stages:

The First Stage: AlphaNet (named Easter)

  • The internal test network serves as a large-scale basic test.
  • AlphaNet…

Since SERO will exert its efforts in the global market, the foundation has decided to conduct compliance processing on the SERO decentralized light wallet POPUP.
1. The dapp marketplace of the latest version of the official POPUP Wallet will only retain the dapp related portal icons of the tool nature.
2. All…

SERO cross-chain via EMIT Wallet

The official version of EMIT Wallet has been officially launched.

You can find a suitable installation method at the following URL:

EMIT Wallet User Guide

Detailed instructions on how to use EMIT Wallet, which will help you learn to use EMIT Wallet quickly:

The official version supports SERO’s cross-chain function for Ethereum…

SERO Launches Cross-chain Function for Ethereum

The well-known privacy protection blockchain SERO based on non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (NIZK) and supporting Turing’s complete smart contract officially released the function of cross-chain transfer of assets from the SERO blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain on January 8, 2021.

SERO cross-chain technology, as the leading part of the SERO2.0 ecosystem…

SERO Protocol

World’s first Zero-Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection platform for decentralised applications which supports smart contract and uses SuperZK protocol.

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