SERO cross-chain via EMIT Wallet

Introducing SERO Cross-chain support for Ethereum and Tron via EMIT Wallet

The official version of EMIT Wallet has been officially launched.

You can find a suitable installation method at the following URL:

Detailed instructions on how to use EMIT Wallet, which will help you learn to use EMIT Wallet quickly:

The official version supports SERO’s cross-chain function for Ethereum and Tron. The specifications are as follows:

1. The transfer function of USDT (ERC20) tokens on Ethereum to SERO chain (corresponding to EUSDT tokens on SERO chain)
2. Transfer function of USDT(TRC20) tokens on Tron to SERO chain (corresponding to TUSDT tokens on SERO chain)
3. Transfer function of WBTC assets on Ethereum to SERO chain
4. Transfer function of WETH assets on Ethereum to SERO chain

At the same time, the main board of the CoralSwap DEX has been officially launched TUSDT/EUSDT and CORAL/EUSDT trading pairs, and liquidity mining has been launched.

What is EMIT Wallet?

EMIT Wallet is a completely decentralized mobile light wallet, compatible with the Ethereum account structure, and supports SERO’s light account model. The wallet currently supports the cross-chain function of USDT and SERO. Users can download EMIT Wallet and import the Ethereum mnemonic into it, and then operate the cross-chain function to realize the mutual transfer of USDT and SERO tokens between Super Zero and Ethereum blockchain.

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