SERO 2.0 AlphaNet (codename Easter) has been released and opened for community testing

SERO 2.0 AlphaNet (codename Easter) has been launched on 2021.8.16 as promised.

Ⅰ. The test products released including
* Easter-Node full node program v0.1.0
* Easter-Wallet Light Wallet v0.1.0

For details, please refer to:

Ⅱ. In order to thank the SERO community members have been accompanied and supported, and also for the official version can be faster and better comprehensive release, we welcome those familiar with the SERO blockchain technology community leaders to join the Easter version of the community test group, with the technical team to create a new SERO process.

Test content: the basic features of the Easter release, including
* Node data synchronization
* Account private key creation
* Account asset inventory
* Decentralized data storage
* Transaction sending and receiving
* Asset Issuance

Hardware requirements: mobile phone or computer

Interested friends can contact the administrator in the SERO telegram group to receive SERO 2.0 Easter test tokens.

SERO 2.0 adopts the latest architecture and consensus, after the release of MainNet (code name Thanksgiving) version, the network will have the following features.

* Consensus architecture with block pointing, where each account maintains a blockchain independently, allowing for the most flexible way to slice.
* Current transaction throughput can reach over 7000 TPS, which can fully utilize hardware resources such as CPU/IO. And it can be increased with the scale of network nodes and hardware resources.
* Ability to add decentralized applications in the form of sub-chains to enhance the performance, flexibility, and expressiveness of decentralized applications.
* Consensus support for expression, transaction, and application of multiple assets such as FT/NFT/composite assets.
* Continuation of SERO 1.0’s anonymity for diverse assets and transactions.
* Stronger compliance and supervisability.

About the Easter Test Network and the Easter Test Token
* The Easter Test Network is the codename for the SERO 2.0 AlphaNet internal test network, which is only used for extensive basic testing and is not a stable version.
* The Easter Test Token function is only for the testing of the Easter Test Network and is not compatible with the subsequent SERO 2.0 BetaNet and MainNet.
* After the testing of the Easter test network is completed, the Easter test tokens and the assets issued by users in the Easter network will be reset in the BetaNet (codename Halloween) network that will be launched afterwards.
* Not all programming flaws can be completely avoided at this time, so do not conduct any official commercial activities on the Easter Test Network.
* The SERO Foundation has the final right to interpret the behavior of the Easter Test Token and the Easter Test Network.

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