SERO 2.0-Easter Metaverse Will Launch Soon

Since the release of SERO v1.0, after more than one year of R&D , SERO 2.0 has gradually surfaced. As with the case when SERO v1.0 was released, SERO 2.0 is expected to be officially launched in three stages:

The First Stage: AlphaNet (named Easter)

  • AlphaNet runs in parallel with SERO v1.0, no data sharing.
  • After the test is completed, the ledger will be reset.

The Second Stage: BetaNet (named Halloween)

  • BetaNet runs in parallel with SERO 1.0 and shares some data.
  • After the test is completed, the ledger data is retained and transferred to MainNet.

The Third Stage: MainNet (named Thanksgiving)

  • The SERO 1.0 network will serve as MainNet’s application chain, and the data will be fully shared with MainNet.

It has been confirmed that the AlphaNet network will be released around 15th August, 2021! At that time, AlphaNet will be provided to global users for testing and use in the form of dapp applications. Users can participate in the SERO 2.0 test through the POPUP mobile wallet.

It has been nearly 3 years since the release of the internal beta version of SERO 1.0. The following are several important landmark versions in the history of SERO:

2018.10-SERO 1.0 AlphaNet Version
2019.1-SERO 1.0 BetaNet Version
2019.7-SERO1.0 MainNet Official Version
2020.4-Naturally Halved Emission
2021.8-SERO 2.0 AlphaNet Version

In addition, before the release of the SERO 2.0 Alpha version, a total of 29 versions have undergone iterative upgrades. After the completion of version 2.0, it not only provides a perfect solution for SERO performance expansion, but also provides good support for compatibility with other blockchains.

At the same time, SERO 2.0 proposes borderless blockchain applications, which will open the door to a new world for decentralized DAPP applications, and provide a flexible development model for blockchain developers, which greatly reduces the threshold for blockchain application research and development.

Since the first half of 2020, the SERO 2.0 R&D plan has strengthened the understanding and expectations of the Metaverse world, and added many features to facilitate the construction of the metaverse universe in the SERO 2.0 underlying architecture. With the gradual unveiling of SERO 2.0, we will see many technological innovations and realizations of the leading era of SERO 2.0.

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