SERO Ecosystem Labs Launches 2nd Project: SEEDMIX

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SERO Lab is about to release the second project SEEDMIX. SEEDMIX is the MIX version of SEED. Some changes have been made on the basis of SEED to explore the decentralized financial logic.

SEEDMIX, like SEED, does not have a fixed total issuance and can only be minted by staking SERO. For every 100 SERO pledged in the SEEDMIX smart contract, users can get a total of 1 SEEDMIX within 10 days. Any account pledged by SEEDMIX can send SEEDMIX to the SEEDMIX smart contract, and immediately get SEEDMIX number * 100 SERO, [up to the maximum value of SERO pledged by you], and these SEEDMIX will be destroyed in the black hole address;

After the SEEDMIX contract is launched, anyone can participate in the pledge issuance of SEEDMIX. The SERO Labs will be the first to pledge 10,000 SERO and submit the SEEDMIX minted every day to CORSWAP with 1:5 SERO to provide SEEDMIX/SERO liquidity.

SEEEDMIX can be accessed from the DApp marketplace available in SERO Decenetralized Mobile POPUP Wallet

SEEDMIX available on DApp marketplace in POPUP Wallet

SEEDMIX Contract Address: (used in POPUP Wallet)

Download SERO Decentralized Mobile POPUP Wallet:

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What is SERO Ecosystem Lab?

The SERO Foundation recently established the SERO Ecosystem Lab. In addition to providing more technical explorations for SERO2.0, the SERO Lab aims to use blockchain technology to explore more decentralized economies. SEED will be the first planned release of SERO Labs.

What is SERO?

SERO is the world’s only privacy protection blockchain network that utilizes Zero Knowledge Proof while supporting Turing complete smart contract. Aside from these two key features it also supports non homogeneous assets, allowing the issuance and processing of complex data structures required by real world applications. SERO mainnet went online on 18th July, 2019, its native token SERO is held by over 100k investors world wide, with a global community of over 50k users.

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SERO Protocol

World’s first Zero-Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection platform for decentralised applications which supports smart contract and uses SuperZK protocol.