SERO Foundation Structure Adjustment Announcement


The SERO Foundation refers to a non-profit legal entity named “SERO FINTECH FOUNDATION LTD.” registered in Singapore. The purpose of the foundation is to promote the development of the blockchain and the SERO blockchain. It is based on the development and construction of the SERO blockchain and the advocacy of transparency in community governance.

Since the official release of the SERO blockchain, as the SERO community has gradually grown, the nature of community has also undergone some changes. At the same time, the SERO protocol has gradually entered the process of global expansion and popularization. The basic operation style of the foundation is no longer suitable for SERO’s future development plan. In view of this, the Foundation decided to optimize the operating structure to provide the necessary conditions for the globalization and communitization of SERO, and to enable the core team to focus on the research and development of SERO 2.0.

1. The form of community building and maintenance will be changed from a volunteer model to a subordinate community model.

2. Initially completed [SERO Zoffy (佐菲) Community], [SERO Zero (SERO) Community], [SERO Tiga (迪加) Community] three sub-communities, and more communities will be added according to the situation in the future.

[SERO Zoffy (佐菲) Community] Operations focus on global users

[SERO Zero (SERO) Community] Operations focus on globalization and new users

[SERO Tiga (迪加) Community] Operations are focused on modern R&D & technology enthusiasts.

1. The official customer service staff of the SERO Foundation will be stationed in these three communities【Zoffy (佐菲)】【Zero (SERO)】 【Tiga (迪加)】 respectively to report on the progress of the SERO project and supervise the compliance of the communities.

2. Except for [SERO Zoffy (佐菲) Community], which is the original SERO community, the other two communities are independently built and operated. The administrators of each community shall apply to the corresponding official customer service staff by interested SERO users, and then be approved and publicized by the foundation.

3. The operations of all sub communities need to comply with the “SERO Community Consensus Norms” formulated by the Foundation. For communities that violate the regulations, the Foundation will warn or cancel them.

4. If necessary, the Foundation will provide a fixed amount of SERO tokens as operating subsidies from time to time.

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WeChat Public Account: SERO Global Dynamic Community

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Weibo Number: Super Zero Protocol Foundation

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SERO Zoffy (佐菲) Community

Official WeChat Customer Service: SERO9413

Official Telegram Customer Service: @SERO9413

SERO Zero (赛罗) community

Official WeChat Customer Service: sero-zero

Official Telegram Customer Service: @sero_zero

SERO Tiga (迪加) community

Official WeChat Customer Service: sero-zoffy

Official Telegram Customer Service: @sero_tiga

Attachment: “SERO Subordinate Community Consensus Norm”

The subordinate communities of the SERO Foundation are mainly used to track and release the latest technical trends and technological progress of the Super Zero Protocol, to guide and solve the problems encountered by SERO users when using SERO products, and to provide SERO fans with a platform for communication. Community members need to abide by the following rules.

1. Comply with the laws and regulations of the corresponding country or region.

2. Comply with the “Community Operation Regulations” issued by the current chat official.

3. It is forbidden to promote external groups or spreading fud (adding friends privately, posting a group ID code in the group, etc.).

4. It is forbidden to discuss items or content that violate laws and regulations.

5. It is forbidden to publish other item information and other promotional activities.

6. It is forbidden to post false information in the group.

7. It is forbidden to discuss politically or morally sensitive topics.

8. It is forbidden to make inquiries or transactions of tokens in the group.

9. It is forbidden to PM fellow community members to purchase tokens.

10. It is forbidden to slander SERO related products, technologies and teams without good reason.

It is hoped that all community members will abide by the above “Community Consensus Norms” and jointly build a high-quality SERO communication community. Violators will be warned or asked to leave.

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