SERO Launches Cross-chain Function for Ethereum

SERO Launches Cross-chain Function for Ethereum

The well-known privacy protection blockchain SERO based on non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (NIZK) and supporting Turing’s complete smart contract officially released the function of cross-chain transfer of assets from the SERO blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain on January 8, 2021.

SERO cross-chain technology, as the leading part of the SERO2.0 ecosystem, is introduced to the SERO community via cooperation with EMIT Wallet. This technology is based on aggregated signature and notary technology, and implements the cross-chain transfer of assets between the Ethereum and SERO blockchains. At the same time, Coral Swap’s transaction support for such cross-chain assets can be used as a very low Gas Swap platform to replace other similar products on Ethereum.

The complete release process will include four aspects:

1. The product release and open source of cross-chain related SERO relay contracts and light mode light nodes have been completed;

2. The integration of SERO cross-chain functions on EMIT Wallet has been completed;

3. Coral Swap will support cross-chain USDT asset transactions in early January;

4. It is planned to directly support cross-chain transactions in the POPUP wallet in February, 2021

EMIT Wallet is a completely decentralized mobile light wallet, compatible with the Ethereum account structure, and supports SERO’s light account model. The wallet currently supports the cross-chain function of USDT and SERO. Users can download EMIT Wallet and import the Ethereum mnemonic into it, and then operate the cross-chain function to realize the mutual transfer of USDT and SERO tokens between Super Zero and Ethereum blockchain.

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