SERO POPUP Wallet Update Instructions

Since SERO will exert its efforts in the global market, the foundation has decided to conduct compliance processing on the SERO decentralized light wallet POPUP.
1. The dapp marketplace of the latest version of the official POPUP Wallet will only retain the dapp related portal icons of the tool nature.
2. All other third-party ecological dapps with financial nature can only be accessed by entering the link address or scanning the QR code.
3. For the link address or QR code of the ecosystem dapp, please consult the relevant ecosystem community.

The latest version of Popup wallet download address (pure version without third-party Dapp)

* Android Version:
github download address (applicable abroad):

gitee download address (for domestic application):

* iOS TestFlight version:

1. The icon of the new version is golden yellow
2. The old version is still available

Official links

Telegram Community

SERO Discord :

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