SERO and DOS Network

Super Zero Protocol (SERO) partners with DOS Network in promoting blockchain privacy protection and ecological construction

We are pleased to announce that SERO , the world’s first true DApp privacy protection platform, will integrate the decentralized oracle network service of DOS network , which aims to jointly expand and promote the privacy protection and Dapp ecology of the blockchain industry.

What is DOS Network?

DOS Network

DOS Network was co-founded by Siyuan Hua and Qi Wang, former technical directors of Google, Pure Storage and Oracle. The DOS network is a second-tier decentralized oracle service network that does not depend on the chain and can provide real-time data feed and computing solutions for multiple blockchains .

The DOS network enables DApps to obtain external data and perform complex calculations through an off-chain distributed network in a safe and effective manner, which will encourage more and more application scenarios to appear on the blockchain. It connects blockchain smart contracts with real-world data and events and provides verifiable computing capabilities for the blockchain, enabling more application scenarios to be implemented on the blockchain.

What is SERO?

Super Zero Protocol (SERO)

Super Zero (SERO)blockchain is the first in the world to implement privacy protection based on zero-knowledge proof technology and supports Turing complete smart contract operation of the blockchain infrastructure platform, which indicates that privacy protection has become a reality .

As many users continue to suffer from fraudsters posing as their identities, this type of fraud is common on several blockchain systems. And because of the fragility of many blockchain systems, many users have lost important data and resources. Therefore, a truly decentralized privacy-protection blockchain platform is essential.

More importantly, the SERO team has fully considered the privacy protection measures required for decentralized applications. The team provides a solution that guarantees the security of data transmitted over the point-to-point network and the anonymity of the physical network address of the account.

Theme of this cooperation

Today, human beings not only need information security, but also a high degree of anonymity. Existing cryptocurrencies cannot guarantee 100% anonymity of their users. Privacy protection is a strong need for individuals and companies in the real world.

SERO supports Turing computing smart contract operations and various related privacy components, which can support the expansion of different blockchain economic ecosystems. The issuance of anonymous assets is no longer restricted to a few people with extensive cryptographic knowledge.

As a decentralized oracle network, the DOS network has various unique advantages that a centralized oracle does not have, especially in terms of confidentiality. Because a single platform and third-party organizations have information about all user’s data, if they are attacked or proactively leaked for profiteering, user’s important data, information and privacy will not be protected. Therefore, the functions and features of the DOS network are consistent with the original intention of the SERO network.

In addition, SERO independently developed the world’s fastest zero-knowledge proof crypto library Super-ZK, which has greatly improved the performance compared to the zk-SNARKs library used by Zcash, and its security performance is far better than the current mainstream privacy coins making SERO a perfect blockchain privacy protection solution.

In the near future, the DOS network will actively work on implementing the verifiable computing architecture supported by zk-SNARK and the latest technology for generating zkSNARK common parameters. This partnership is an excellent opportunity for the two parties to work closely together for zero-knowledge proof research.

SERO will integrate DOS oracles enabling DApp developers to use the DOS Network oracles to conveniently and quickly call off-chain data and more Dapp use cases with data privacy protection and interaction with off-chain data will be achieved. Jointly expanding and promoting the privacy protection and dapp ecology of the blockchain industry.

It is also worth mentioning that DOS Network and SERO have countless identical use cases: supply chain systems, healthcare, online auctions, online games, etc. There are more industries involved in asset digitization and privacy-sensitive digital assets, such as insurance, commodity trading, futures trading, credit industry, digital asset trading (such as credit investigations and intellectual property, etc.). In all these areas, DOS networks and SERO systems have broad application prospects.

Finally, we believe that through a consistent concept of cooperation and complementary collaboration mechanisms, the two teams will work closely to provide each other with more application cases while actively contributing to the privacy protection and anonymity of the blockchain system.

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World’s first Zero-Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection platform for decentralised applications which supports smart contract and uses SuperZK protocol.